ModeloDrive FRP TRDe Eyelids > Toyota RAV4 XA20 2001-2005 > 3/5dr (modelodrive_119807)

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Headlight and Tail Light Covers
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ModeloDrive FRP TRDe Eyelids > Toyota RAV4 XA20 2001-2005 > 3/5dr (modelodrive_119807)

This is a TRDe Eyelids manufactured or distributed by ModeloDrive and primarily made of FRP material. ModeloDrive FRP (fiberglass) parts are made to a higher standard than most mass produced US market fiberglass parts. Holes will not always be pre-drilled so you still will need to dry fit the parts before they can be prepped and finished. Due to the nature of fiberglass there may be cracks or surface imperfections that need filled and/or leveled. This should be fixed in the prep stage of installation at a professional body shop. Bolts, screws, and double sided tape is not included. All ModeloDrive fiberglass parts require modification, shaving, sanding, drilling, filling in order to ensure proper fitment but generally speaking less than the competition.

New: A brand-new, ModeloDrive FRP TRDe Eyelids > Toyota RAV4 XA20 2001-2005 > 3/5dr manufactured by ModeloDrive. Packaging should be the same as what is found in our retail store. To be installed professionally by a bodyshop with a valid automotive repair business license. ModeloDrive fiberglass parts always require prep work before they can be primed and painted. This product is made with fiberglass material, therefore it will exhibit chips, breaks, cracks, waves, scratches and holes which require modification. It is necessary to dry fit and drill mounting holes and preform body work before paint. Cutting and adding of fiberglass may be required for proper fitment. Ships direct from the manufacturer or a distributor. Primer finish. Hand layup is the manufacturing process used for the majority of our fiberglass parts. Hoods require hood pins. We do not offer any guarantee of fitment on vehicles that have been in involved in accidents and/or have body damage or customization.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review